Continental, through its technology arm, is replacing conventional loudspeakers with actuators that create sound by vibrating certain surfaces in the vehicle to generate a natural, 3D sound experience.

In comparison to conventional speaker technology, the speaker-less audio system brings many advantages. At considerably lower weight, with dramatically reduced box volume and lower electricity consumption, the new Continental Ac2ated Sound solution delivers excellent acoustics – experts have given the sound system top scores for its performance.

To deliver good 3D sound, conventional high-end car audio systems can easily require between ten and 20 or more speakers, giving the system a weight of up to 15 kg and a total box volume of 10 to 30 litres. Continental’s speaker-less system can weigh as little as 1 kg and require as little as 1 litre of total box volume. As a result, the technology can be integrated into any model, from high end sedans to small electric vehicles. However, the main benefit is the sound quality.

Speaker-less technology offers further potential beyond car audio. It can also provide a sound source for human-machine interaction concepts, such as navigation instructions or the indicator sound.

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