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Audi in news again over duplicate VIN numbers

Audi in news again over duplicate VIN numbers
Audi A8 on the production line

Prosecutors investigating Audi’s role in the Dieselgate affair seem to be going deeper each day and reports suggest that may have uncovered another potential scandal. This time it’s about thousands of Germany-built cars that have allegedly been shipped out with the same VIN number to several markets in Asia.

Incriminating evidence to this effect were discovered when investigators raided Audi offices in March and looked at the company’s documents related to audit.

However, the investigation report doesn’t specify exactly how many cars or models that were assigned the same VIN number. However, investigators focused on information about the A7 and A8 models with duplicate VINs were shipped to China, Japan, and South Korea.

Assigning the duplicate VIN number is considered illegal in the automotive world. Till now, there’s no explanation as to why numerous cars ended up sharing a VIN number. The 17-character VIN is assigned to a car before workers and robots begin putting it together. No information has been provide by Audi as to what action it will take to rectify the situation.

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