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Is it end of the road for internal combustion engines?

Is it end of the road for internal combustion engines?
Mazda's Ujina Engine Assembly operations

Europe which has the largest population of diesel vehicles is under pressure to clean up air and produce low or zero emission vehicles. Countries like Great Britain and France have already outlined plans to eliminate internal combustion engines from public roads, and this week German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that her country will have to eventually follow suit.

Germany has been under pressure since Volkswagen, the country’s largest automaker was booked in the US in 2015 for manipulating software to cheat diesel emissions standards. It cost VW billions of dollars in fines and following that both US and Germany are looking into similar violations by BMW,  Mercedes-Benz and other car makers.

Merkel has conceded that Germany will eventually have to ban diesel- and petrol-powered vehicles to curb emissions sooner or later. However, no deadline has been offered for a potential internal combustion engine (or ICE) ban. Britain and France have already announced plans to phase out internal combustion-driven cars by 2040.

But many in the business think all is not over for the ICE yet as there are still technologies and innovations that can save the day. Take for instance Mazda which has recently announced that it is using advanced diesel engine technology to save the petrol engine. Mazda has cracked what numerous automakers have spent millions in research trying to figure out technology applications that has made diesel engines fuel efficient minus the dirty emissions.

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