This may sound a bit odd. On one hand some carmakers are coming up with efficiency solutions for internal combustion engines and on the other Germany, which boasts pioneering of automotive technologies is preparing to give up.

This is a possible scenario which Continental, one of the industry’s leading automotive suppliers, says According to Continental finance chief Wolfgang Schaefer, a “new generation of combustion engines will again be developed but after that (around 2023), a further development will no longer be economically justifiable because more and more work will switch into electric mobility.”

Schaefer says German automakers will shift their spending to develop electric drivetrains and autonomous technologies after 2023. Even if Schaefer’s prediction comes true, it does not necessarily mean the end of internal combustion engine. Even if ICE development ceases in 2023, automakers could continue to manufacturer them well after that date. So, it seems that no more can be done in this domain.

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