At the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, Mazda will reveal a new type of spark-less engine. It is believed that the presentation will reflect the next stage of development and application of the brand’s highly successful SkyActiv engines.

The first-of-its-kind engine will require no sparkplugs, instead using extreme compression to ignite the fuel. It’s like a diesel, but uses regular petrol, and reportedly improves efficiency greatly.

The HCCI technology will appear first in compact cars before shoehorned into Mazda’s line-up. Reports suggest that the engines may use sparkplug ignition at low rpms. If the project is successful, HCCI might find its way into a rotary powered sports car in future.

in addition to this, Mazda has announced its ‘Sustainable zoom-zoom 2030’ plan which sets out the future direction for the brand, of which the first result is the new engine. Further goals include a 50% reduction in corporate ‘well to wheel’ carbon dioxide by 2030 over the 2010 figures, rising to 90% by 2050.

Another goal announced is the introduction of electric vehicles by 2019. 

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