Verwaltungsgebäude Werk Molsheim Administration building at the Molsheim plant

A new corporate structure for Daimler is expected to be in place as early as 2019, according to the latest reports from Europe. Daimler which current has a centralised organisational set-up could be looking at decentralising operations into clearly defined profit making business entities.

This means that in the near future the new corporate holding company would split operations into three divisions. Mercedes-Benz cars and vans would operate independently from Mercedes-Benz trucks, while the third unit would contain Mercedes-Benz financial services.

The rumoured reorganization could also see new businesses like car-sharing and other ‘mobility’ businesses fall within the Mercedes-Benz financial services unit.

While, the automaker has not officially confirmed or denied the report, it has acknowledged the fact  that it is “continually reviewing its optimal strategic positioning and structural set up so that it can respond to a changing competitive landscape and market.”

With Frankfurt motor show coming up soon, we can hope there will be some breaking news on this aspect from Daimler.

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