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No more Testarossas from Ferrari?

No more Testarossas from Ferrari?

In Germany, if you don’t promote a registered name enough for at least five years, then you could lose the rights to use it if challenged in court. That is exactly what has happened with Ferrari over the name ‘Testarossa’. Testarossa means "red head" in Italian, it was originally used to describe the crimson valve covers used on Ferrari's V12 racing motors.
While some of Ferrari's most iconic models, from the 1957 250 Testa Rossa to the 1984 Testarossa are now deemed as collector classics, sadly for Modena, Italy-based Ferrari a legal dispute with a German toy company has not ended in the supercar maker's favour. According to news reports in German media, Ferrari has apparently lost the exclusive naming rights to the Testarossa.

A German court has granted a Nuremberg-based toy company the use of the Testarossa name. The toymaker, called Autec AG, plans to apply the name to bikes and shavers. The court ruled that the automaker has not used the name enough over the last 20 years and following the rule book in Germany which states if a name isn't protected by consistent use over the last five years, that is enough to lose the rights.

In defence, Ferrari argued that it continued to maintain and repair the cars by that name, but that didn’t impress the judge, who said that those activities were conducted under the Ferrari umbrella name. As a result, Autec AG is now free to use the Testarossa name without paying any licensing fees to Ferrari. The last Ferrari to bear the Testarossa name was the 512 TR that ended production in 1996.

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