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Was President Trump’s advisory panel a flop idea?

Was President Trump’s advisory panel a flop idea?

It seems the US President Donald Trump’s much touted Strategic and Policy Forum created a year ago has crumbled. In 2016, Trump believed that he could bank on the wisdom of the industry CEO panel members in devising policies that can spur economic growth and improve life for all Americans. Due to differences with the President, several CEOs have already left and the recent reaction of the president on social media to a racist crime accelerated the division of loyalties among the panel members

Several CEOs have quit Trump’s advisory councils have said they resigned “on behalf of America’s working people” include General Motors chief executive Mary Barra. Thus has happened amidst growing political turmoil in the wake of racist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Trump issued several Twitter posts condemning the violence and criticizing the ‘alt-right.’ In other remarks, however, he reportedly spread blame to ‘both sides.’ But the industry leaders have not taken this lightly to the president’s reaction to the death of a protester at a white supremacist rally. 

With the exit of CEOs, Trump decided to dissolve the panel as CEOs began to distance themselves and their companies from the ongoing political storm. The move came just one day after the president declared “For every CEO that drops out of the Manufacturing Council, I have many to take their place”.

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