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Reinventing the Grand Tourer – the new Bentley Continental GT

Reinventing the Grand Tourer – the new Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Motors have revealed the latest generation of the Bentley Continental GT. The third generation of the car sees a complete styling revamp along with a completely new interior, feature set and an enhanced version of the 6-litre W12 engine.

The new platform incorporates the advantages of aluminium super forming and integrates composites (like in the boot lid). Super forming allows the metal to take on sharper creases and folds without crack formation, resulting in a far more detailed exterior design. The car’s antennas are moved to the boot, necessitating the use of the composite boot lid.

The body has also lost 85kgs in weight, while the weight distribution is now 55:45 with the front axle being shifted 135mm ahead.

The Bentley Continental GT also debuts the newest generation of air suspension with a larger volume and three chambers. This gives the chassis a larger range of ride settings and increased tune. The rotary controller offers four settings – Comfort, Sport, Bentley and Custom, with the latter two being a unique setting recommended by Bentley and a driver customisable point.

The suspension itself is double wishbone at the front and multilink at the rear, with Bentley’s quick acting electric active roll control on both the front and rear anti-roll bars, combining with the air suspension to deliver the ride quality best suited to any situation.

Of course, the Bentley Continental GT is equipped with all-wheel drive that uses a traction management system linked to ESC to dole out torque. Under ideal conditions all power is shifted to the rear axle and manouevring is enhanced by brake actuated torque vectoring.

The Continental also shifts to the asymmetric tyre sizes of a sports car, with dedicated Pirelli sourced P Zero tyres of 265/40 ZR21 at front and 305/35 ZR21 at the rear.

The major styling changes see a more aggressive interpretation of the classic fascia, with a larger grille and twin ovals of the headlamps and indicators. The sweep of the rear is far more raked, ending off in a slight ducktail. The super forming allows for this as well as the treatment of the rear fender. There is also an obvious belt line from the outlet at the base of the A-pillar all the way around the rear.

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The interiors have seen a sea-change. While the Bentley aura still permeates, technology has made further inroads, allowing for a completely digital IP and central display. The central display is mounted on a revolving triangular module that flips through large 12.3″ screen, analogue dials of compass, outside thermometer and chronometer or a plain wooden surface. The finish is so good that you barely notice the join lines at the side. The rotational action is quite complex, needing the unit to move inwards, rotate and then present itself back to the dashboard.

Audio systems include 10-speakers and 650 Watts as standard, a B&O 1,500 Watt, 16-speaker system with Beo Sonic interface as the next system up and a top of the range unit from Naim with 18-speakers, two active bass transducers and 2,200 Watts 21-channel amplifier.

The car also comes with standard Matrix LED headlamps, radar-guided autonomous cruise control, linked to the satellite navigation system to give the Continental the ability to respond to roads, although with driver control.


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