A supercar with classic looks and innovative technology can only come from Germany and nothing more desirable if it has the seal of the Piëch family. Well, if reports from Europe are to be believed yes, the very same and Piëch family which is closely connected to Volkswagen is preparing to enter the boutique supercar business. Anton Piëch, the son of Ferdinand Piëch, has launched his own car brand and quietly announced its first model.

Although, the official teaser image shows a wheel, which essentially confirms the brand’s first model is captioned “coming soon”.

A local German magazine has reported that the incoming model will take the form of a supercar with classic looks and innovative technology. The magazine notes the car has already been shown to a carefully-selected group of supercar owners during a private event held in Switzerland recently. Creating a high-end car brand from the ground up is easier said than done. However, Piëch has a definite advantage in the business. Ferdinand Piëch was the mind behind dozens of well-known performance cars like the Porsche 917, the original Audi Quattro, and the Bugatti Veyron.

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