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Audi is promising long journey’s for motorists will be a quiet affair, thanks to an all-electric driving range of nearly 800kms with autonomous technologies thrown in. At Frankfurt, Audi will highlight these new concept cars as well as the company’s vision for Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous operations.

The Level 4 concept will be based on the E-tron Sportback concept, employing advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to reduce the driver’s workload. It can handle driving tasks at speeds of up to128km/h, including automatic lane changes.

The second autonomous concept car further reinterprets the ‘driver’ experience for Level 5, which no longer requires a human to pay attention to driving tasks. All occupants can instead focus on entertainment, connectivity or other activities.

The Level 5 concept is designed primarily for long journeys, with four electric motors and a battery-powered range of between 700-800kms.

“The interior and exterior design of the full-size model is spectacular and groundbreaking,” Audi promises. “It offers brand-new possibilities which an all-electric, self-driving car opens up for designers.”

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