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BMW’s CSL badge to return soon

BMW’s CSL badge to return soon

For BMW M division, the icing on the cake was the CSL [Coupe Sport Leichtbau] badged cars. CSL for aficionados meant street legal sports coupes sold as limited edition versions. The CSL M3/M4-based cars were lighter and hardcore in performance capabilities and the last time BMW M produced a E46-based M3 CSL was in 2014. Since then there has been radio silence and at the time executives had no plans to continue the CSL project, which in turn had dampened enthusiasts who had great fun and respected the E46 based kit for what it offered on road and on track.

But for CSL aficionados, there’s a spot of encouraging news now emerging from Europe. BMW is said to be considering bring back CSL from hibernation with an all-new marketing plan. This aspect was confirmed at Frankfurt by M division head Frank Van Meel. According to Van Meel, the proposal looks at a new tiered-system that will see the base M car positioned at the entry level and the Competition Pack sitting just above. From there BMW will offer a CS trim and will be marketed as a “track enabled, but with four seats”. The cherry on top will be a full-on track-specced CSL trim that will replace the current GTS models. CSL cars will be available with race suspension, cup tyres and even a roll cage. The best part is that they will be street legal too. Besides M3 and M4 models, the CSL programme may include the newly minted M2 as well but not larger models like the M5 or SUVs like X5. No time-table has been announced for the model launches as of now.

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