Home News Bugatti Chiron sets 0-400-0 kmh record – and Montoya was driving

Bugatti Chiron sets 0-400-0 kmh record – and Montoya was driving

Bugatti Chiron sets 0-400-0 kmh record – and Montoya was driving

The Bugatti Chiron doesn’t need to prove its mettle, already outperforming the Veyron. But now it has set a new benchmark that will be very difficult for anyone to emulate. Race car driver and ex-Formula One legend Juan Pablo Montoya has taken a Bugatti Chiron to the standing 400 km/h and back to a full stop in under 42 seconds.

The actual figure is 41.96 seconds (and this has been independently verified).

If that convinces you to buy one, you may want to act fast. There are only 200 units left out of the 500 unit limited run and what’s 2.4-million Euro for a car that can do such figures?

Wolfgang Dürheimer, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., says: “Bugatti is the first car brand that not only calculates how fast a car can go from zero to 400 to zero on a computer. We actually drove it. Where others are satisfied with theory, we validate our data with real-life values. Just like we did with the Chiron.”

“Our customers want the best of the best. This truly impressive performance further confirms that the Chiron is the world’s best super sports car,” adds Dürheimer.

Montoya was given the Top Speed Key for his run. After all he was on invitation from Bugatti. “My first thought was that I would do anything Bugatti wanted in order to drive this incredible car.”

During the world record weekend, Juan Pablo Montoya travelled faster than 400 km/h 17 times and also had an opportunity to improve his own personal speed record of 407 km/h, recorded with an IndyCar racing car to 420 km/h with the Chiron. “It really was incredible to see that you didn’t need the complex preparations we have to make in racing for the 0-4000 drive,” said Montoya. “With the Chiron, it was all quite easy. Just get in and drive off. Incredible.”


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