Tyre maker Continental has developed a new system that it hopes will make charging an electric car a lot easier, thanks to its flexible approach. As of now most EV users suffer from the range anxiety syndrome which is more than the battery charging anxiety! And given the current EV capabilities that use AC motors but require DC current for charging batteries, there are some practical issues to solve in this respect.

Continental hopes that its AllCharge set-up will help alleviate some of the current practical issues EV users have to face. The manufacturer claims that with AllCharge , users will be able to benefit from any of the three types of prevalent EV chargers.

Currently, there isn’t a standard for EV charging stations even in the US. Some, like Tesla’s Supercharger, uses direct current (DC) for quick charging, but are expensive to install and operate. 

In cities worldwide, alternating current is used for most household appliances and electronic devices. But charging a battery takes longer because it requires AC conversion to DC.

However, most hybrid and electric vehicles already have a device on board that converts DC from the battery pack to AC used by the motor. The AllCharge simply takes the existing powertrain and adapts it for charging. As a result, cars can accept the three major types of EV chargers in use today — single-phase AC, three-phase AC, and DC.

As a bonus, the AllCharge can also draw up to 800 volts and 350 kilowatts of power from the battery pack, powering everything from coolers to laptops to power tools.

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