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McLaren and Renault confirm deal from 2018 Formula One season

McLaren and Renault confirm deal from 2018 Formula One season
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McLaren and Renault have officially confirmed their partnership for the coming three years. This effectively ends McLaren’s misery with the dodgy performance of their Honda engines, which not only lacked outright power but ended up failing at critical times.

The deal will see Renault Sport Racing supply McLaren with Formula 1 power units, while also establishing a close working relationship with McLaren’s engineers and technicians. 

Despite a combined Formula 1 presence that stretches back to 1977 (McLaren Racing has contested 814 GPs; Renault 591 in its role as an engine manufacturer), this will mark the first time that the two brands have ever collaborated. 

As part of the broader deal Carlos Sainz is also being offered on loan to the Renault Sport team from Toro Rosso, who will be getting Honda engines for next year.

The team at McLaren feel confident that as McLaren Renault they will challenge for victory. Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa, Executive Chairman and Executive Committee principal, McLaren Group issued a statement:

“Renault is a manufacturer that, like McLaren, has Formula 1 deeply woven into its DNA. It introduced the concept of turbo-charging to modern F1 back in 1977, has won grands prix with and without turbo power, and has been a consistent pioneer and developer of new technologies in Formula 1. 

“And while a Renault-powered McLaren is a new and exciting concept in Formula 1, what’s most important is that this partnership gives us the equal opportunity to compete alongside the other Renault-powered teams. 

“At McLaren, we have the motivation, the desire and the resource to be a competitive force in 2018; now Renault power gives us the ability to take a significant step further up the grid. 

“Today’s announcement starts a fresh chapter in the McLaren story – and we can’t wait to get started.” 


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