Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will be the first car manufacturer to roll out products that use a rather innovative system to track location. It has adopted the what3words addressing system from a technology start-up, that assigns unique addresses to 3 metre square patches of Earth from a database of 25,000 words. The combinations are supposed to be filtered to avoid confusion and the system is available in 14 languages.

The end result is 57 trillion squares, each with a combination of three words that can be uniquely identified and somehow seems better adapted for humans to understand than latitude and longitude figures or GPS readings.

“With what3words’ easy address entry method, we’re adding another logical element to our navigation system,” says Sajjad Khan, Vice President Digital Vehicle & Mobility, Daimler AG. “You can enter your destination by speaking just three words and are then guided there to within an accuracy of nine square metres. Anywhere in the world. All I can say is: simple.ingenious.innovative.”

Now we will have to see whether the idea will catch on with other car makers as well as technology majors like HERE Maps, Google and the like. It isn’t going to be very useful if no one else knows what you are talking about when you ask for an address like Lets.Go.There.

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