Home Info Volkswagen to showcase SEDRIC concept in Dubai event

Volkswagen to showcase SEDRIC concept in Dubai event

Volkswagen to showcase SEDRIC concept in Dubai event

Volkswagen Middle East have announced that they will be showcasing their self-driving car concept SEDRIC at the Cityscapes exhibition in Dubai between September 11 and 13. The concept has previously seen a successful outing at Shanghai after its debut at Geneva.

The display is seen to be timely, considering the UAE’s stated aim of increasing the number of driverless journeys that occur on its roads. Self-driven cars and electric powered cars are being given a special impetus in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Sedric is the first Concept Car from the Volkswagen Group. And it is the first vehicle in the group to have been created for level 5 of autonomous driving –in other words a person as a human driver is no longer required. Sedric was devised, designed, developed and constructed in cooperation with the Future Center Europe of the Volkswagen Group in Potsdam and Volkswagen Group Research in Wolfsburg.

“At the Volkswagen Group, we want to play a leading role in driving forward the transformation into a new era. We want to structure this process and we are therefore also increasing the pace of development and intensifying investments in these important innovative fields of digitalization and autonomy. We have also created a new structure within our organization to achieve this. This will empower the Volkswagen Group to advance from being an automotive manufacturer to become a leading mobility provider. Our vision is to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility by the year 2025,” commented Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn, Head of Research and Development, Volkswagen Group.

When a passenger gets into the car, they can talk to Sedric. Passengers can talk to Sedric about the destination, how to get there, the driving time, the current traffic situation, perhaps even a short break on the way – users can talk to Sedric like they would with a personal assistant. While you are on the road, you can choose exactly what you want to do. The windscreen is a big OLED screen with augmented reality and serves as a communication and entertainment center – but passengers can also close their eyes, sit back and relax.

The concept is built for urban cityscapes and is perhaps relevant to Dubai too.

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