Subaru managed to put up a jaw dropping presentation of its new concept at the Tokyo Motorshow – the VIZIV performance concept brings to the line-up a vision of what the next WRX could look like. For that is the strength of the concept – it has many visual cues that keep it connected with the current generation of Subaru including the Legacy and Impreza.

The Viziv performance concept sits on a wheelbase of 2,730mm, putting it in the C/D-segment and very suitable for both a sedan and a future crossover. The Viziv is kitted out with the traditional Subaru boxer engine and all-wheel drive layout.

In addition the concept is set to debut new driver aid technologies including EyeSight and semi-autonomous drive. These are slated for commercial availability by 2020 and it seems fitting to have them as part of the Viziv concept.

The design is both cutting edge and edgy, while there has been generous use of carbon-fibre panels in the bumpers, fenders and roof in order to lower weight.

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