BMW is aiming to launch a Level 3-capable system under the iNEXT brand by 2021, paving the way for fully autonomous Level 4 and 5 vehicles in the following years. As of now, BMW Group’s autonomous technology alliance current involves Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Intel and auto industry suppliers.

While work progresses with the autonomous vehicle programme, BMW wants to work alongside two other major automakers to maximize its development pace by the end of the year.

This aspect was indicated by BMW Group’s senior VP of autonomous driving, Elmar Frickenstein. Frickenstein feels that with one more automaker on the table, the alliance will be better balanced across the three major participants. “So with the footprint of BMW, Fiat and Chrysler, we are open to market small cars to premium cars to different areas of the world. The footprint is broader than BMW alone,” added Frickenstein.

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