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Citroen to be ready for electrification by 2023

Citroen to be ready for electrification by 2023

It’s no secret that most Europe-based automakers are in a rush to rework their respective business models for the coming years as diesels go out of favour due to emissions complications and there appears to be reluctance on part of several automakers to invest further in new diesels due to market uncertainties.

France-based PSA Group is also pushing its brands towards electrification with plans to have EV and PHEV technology applications in its future line-up of models.

In about six year’s time, Citroen is expected to be ready in the PSA Group-wide electrification push with at least 80 per cent of the models offered with fully electric and plug-in hybrid powertrains, according to Chief Executive Officer Linda Jackson. Citroën will use eight core models on which to build its passenger car business, excluding partnership vehicles like the C1. It is currently in its SUV roll-out phase and in 2020 will see more conventional cars like sedans in the market. The timetable for the roll-out is impressive and in Q4 next year the C5 Aircross will arrive, but 2019-20 models will see the C5 Aircross as a PHEV. China and France are the largest markets for the brand as of now. And governments of both markets are pushing hard for electrification of cars. Chinese demand for plug-in vehicles is expected to act as the catalyst for an electric product rollout.“In China they’ve gone down the electric route, so you’ve got to be present with PHEV and electrification,” Jackson said.

PSA Electric and Hybrid platform Helping the product rollout will be a new platform which is being developed in partnership with China’s Dongfeng Motors. In May 2016, PSA announced that it was developing an all-new all-electric architecture, which is based on PSA’s Common Modular Platform for both the companies.

The future electric platform is known as e-CMP, and will support a range of all-electric B and C segment models from the Citroen, DS, Peugeot and Dongfeng brands. The first car to be produced on the new platform will go on sale in 2019

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