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Continental rolls out automated valet parking technology

Continental rolls out automated valet parking technology

Continental AG, the German tyre and technology giant, continues to surprise us with the trendy technology it debuts in the automotive space – outside tyres. This time around the company has announced a modified sedan that is able to park itself and return to the driver via a mobile phone app and an automated valet setup.

Continental automated valet parking

This technology demonstrator combines a software backbone supported by a multitude of radar sensors, all-round cameras and up-to-date digital mapping that allows the car to drive into a parking zone, communicate with the barrier through RFID tags and find an available parking slot. It will then park itself, avoiding other cars and pedestrians using its sensors and programming. Currently the system is not able to handle multi-level parking lots due to the complexity of the access ramps. However, this is expected to be overcome by 2022.

“With valet parking, we have presented a driverless function, which relieves drivers from a tedious procedure,” explained Alfred Eckert, Head of Advanced Technology in Continental’s Chassis & Safety division. “The valet parking function provides drivers with a beneficial service in terms of convenience and time. It is also a concrete step towards modern mobility based on fully automated driving.”

The Carguide Viewpoint

It is interesting that major advances in autonomous driving are being driven by non carmakers too. While multiple streams of development will continue, it is time the industry began to evolve standards of Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure communication. this will allow sensible rationalisation of effort and technology as well as ease of operation. Like, wouldn’t we like to know how many parking slots are available in advance and which one could we reserve?

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