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Is this the end of the Volkswagen Scirocco?

Is this the end of the Volkswagen Scirocco?

It took Volkswagen two generations of development between 1974 and 1992 for the reintroduction of Gen III Scirocco in August 2008. Careerwise, it came at a time when the coupe segment began shrinking and while hanging around for almost a decade, slow sales prompted Volkswagen to consider retiring the Scirocco recently.

The Gen III model was neatly styled with a sharp-looking front end and a long, shooting brake inspired roof line. The design was also unique to the Scirocco. Mechanically, Volkswagen didn’t have to invest a lot as most components came from the parts bin. Under the sheet metal was the widely used PQ35 platform, which also underpinned the Tiguan, the fifth- and sixth-gen Jetta, the Beetle, and the Eos, among other products. Power came from petrol and diesel four-cylinder engines, also used liberally across the brand’s portfolio.

Sadly, the Wolfsburg Germany-based carmaker isn’t in a rush to replace the Volkswagen Scirocco for now. The company’s German language website suggests the Scirocco can no longer be ordered with individual equipment, but, regular production vehicles are available.

While executives have been silent on a successor, no spy shots of one testing anywhere in the world have been spotted so far.

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