Gordon Murray Automotive

South African-born automotive engineer and designer of the McLaren F1 has announced the launch of Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA), a new vehicle manufacturing company that will focus on limited-run production cars. The new company is positioned as part of a corporate organization and a sister company to Gordon Murray Design.

Technically, the new company is a spinoff of Murray’s design company formed in 2007 and responsible for the iStream production process. Gordon Murray Automotive says its first car will be launched under the new set-up and will go against the trend toward more complicated, heavier-weight vehicles.

iStream was conceived using Formula 1-derived construction and materials technologies that help keep complexity and weight low. The production process USP is also almost fully mechanized so production output of cars can be quicker and at a comparatively lower cost.

According to Murray, factories designed for iStream require 80 per cent less capital investment and use less energy and space than standard factories. iStream was first previewed in Murray’s T25 city car concept unveiled in 2008. The first company to actually utilize iStream, however, is TVR which is using it for its Griffith sports car unveiled earlier this year. Murray was more recently working on the T.27, a tiny electric city three-seater. More details on the plans of Gordon Murray Automotive will be announced on Nov 3.

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