The annual rankings of the world’s best brands according to calculated brand value is out. Interbrand has released their report and while technology remains the most important sector, automotive continues to shine in the second spot.

In the bargain, while Toyota is deemed to have lost 6% of its brand value last year, it still retains the top spot in automotive, coming in behind Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coco-Cola, Amazon and Samsung in that order. Apple’s value has gone up by 3% to hit 184.2 billion dollars, while Toyota comes in at 50.3 billion.

The only other automotive brand to feature in the top 10 is Mercedes-Benz with a 9th spot and the largest increase in value of 10% over last year. BMW at 13 is also the only other brand to have a value of above 40 billion.

Despite all the excitement surrounding the launch of the Model 3 and the move into new markets Tesla retains its current brand value of around 4 billion dollars and that gives it a rank of 98. Most car brands except Toyota saw a growth in their brand value this year, including the three brands from the Volkswagen group stable – Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche that have shrugged off the effects of dieselgate and are rolling out new models and moving towards alternate drivetrains.

Ferrari is a new entrant in the top brands – now as a listed company and in the process coming in 10 spots above Tesla with a value of 4.88 billion dollars.

Best Automotive brands

RankingBrandPercent change from 2016Value in US $
7Toyota-6%50.29 billion
9Mercedes-Benz10%47.83 billion
13BMW0%41.52 billion
20Honda3%22.7 billion
33Ford5%13.64 billion
35Hyundai5%13.2 billion
38Audi2%12.02 billion
39Nissan4%11.53 billion
40Volkswagen1%11.52 billion
48Porsche6%10.13 billion
69KIA6%6.68 billion
73Land Rover7%6.1 billion
77Harley-Davidson3%5.67 billion
87MINI3%5.11 billion
88FerrariNEW4.88 billion
98Tesla0%4 billion

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