Lamborghini wants us to remember their first real SUV – the LM 002


Lamborghini LM 002

Lamborghini is ramping up the year end launch of the Lamborghini Urus Supersports SUV with a host of references to its new direction. But now it is looking back a quarter of a century at the first real SUV from the brand – the LM 002.

The company has released a series of photographs of a completely restored LM 002 (chassis no 12231) alongwith an entertaining video that features the original test drivers of the LM 002.

The origins of the LM 002 are linked to work the brand did in preparation of getting an order from the Italian military. This went on to deliver a couple of interesting prototypes in the LM 001 and the LMA, the former having a rear-mounted engine. The model finally debuted at the Brussels motor show in 1986 with the V12 Countach engine (5.2-litres with 450hp).

The LM 002 was built as a utility SUV, with four-wheel drive, a transfer case and three lockable differentials and a top speed of better than 200 km/h due to its light aluminium and fibreglass body. Production was split over Spain and Italy with the final luxury touches being added at Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Enjoy the gallery and video.


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