Mazda KAI Concept

Mazda has unveiled the two concepts that it announced in the run up to the Tokyo Motor Show – the Mazda KAI concept and the Mazda Vision concept.

The Mazda KAI Concept details a hatchback using a new Skyactiv platform architecture, that is to be the harbinger of a new generation of Mazda cars. It takes the KODO design language ahead, using muscular proportions and a flowing form that uses light and shadow to give depth to the shape, while showcasing technologies that give the KAI concept a quieter, cushioned ride with dynamic performance. The KAI is also set to showcase the first use of the new Skyactiv-X compression ignition petrol engine technology, which Mazda believes will revolutionise the IC engine offering.

On the other hand the Mazda Vision concept is all about depiction of what is possible in terms of form and beauty on a Grand Tourer shape. Here too the aim was to show the next generation of KODO design, which has resulted in a concept that stands out for its muscular form and sheer elegance.


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