Mitsubishi Evo e-evolution concept

There’s some news for Mitsubishi Evo aficionados who have been unclear about the future of the badge after the release of the final edition of the Lancer Evolution X in 2016.

What we’re sure about that is it would have been a missed opportunity for Mitsubishi’s marketing set-up to discontinue the Evo-badged product line as it had built up tremendous goodwill among its followers.

Call it forward thinking – pundits at Mitsubishi have used the interim months to get a strategy document right with regard to Mitsubishi Evo and its proposed product line. The Japanese carmaker has announced the future of the Evo badge is in electrification.

As a result, at the forthcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi will present an electric coupé-SUV concept as opposed to a Lancer sedan. Teasers are beginning to hit the web and we are told that an additional ‘e’ will be placed in front of the Evolution product line, which will boast an electric AWD powertrain “with advanced Artificial Intelligence technology.” The motor show will host the official rebirth of the now e-Evolution line.

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