Home Info Mitsubishi Motors announces new strategy and E-Evolution concept

Mitsubishi Motors announces new strategy and E-Evolution concept

Mitsubishi Motors announces new strategy and E-Evolution concept

Mitsubishi Motors used the Tokyo Motor Show to announce its new tagline and strategy. Under ‘Drive your Ambition’ the company seeks to follow the model set by the broader Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance to build a distinct portfolio that may use shared technologies and platforms. It also used the occasion to announce the E-Evolution Concept, that brings the crossover form to the battery electric platform.

The company will use the E-Evolution concept as the showcase for a strategy around electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, connectivity and cloud computing.

“We aim to provide vehicles that fulfill our customers’ desires through outstanding design, combined with the power, authenticity and carefully-considered functionality Mitsubishi Motors is known for,” said MMC Head of Global Design Tsunehiro Kunimoto.

The brand is trying to build on its offroad heritage – with the E-Evolution also offering 4WD through a system of three motors, one driving the front axle and two motors for the rear, coupled through an electronic torque vectoring controller. Even the brake callipers are now electrically activated.

The vehicle uses an underfloor battery pack for power, allowing freedom for designing the passenger cabin as well as offering a relatively low centre of gravity. The operating system integrates artificial intelligence that serves to supplement the driver and use driver inputs along with sensor based input to make driving safer. Not only does the system take input from the driver, it also uses its programming to train drivers through voice and visual aids.

Visual feedback and instrumentation is through a ‘floating’ instrument panel and a large display that spans the width of the dashboard. Two other screens communicate input images from the front and rear cameras.

Mitsubishi has a lot of catching up to do in new product development and its new strategy is designed to fill in the gaps in its portfolio while also keeping a distinct identity from its two alliance partners who are also pushing EV and autonomous drive technologies.

The brand also displayed a plug-in hybrid version of its Outlander.

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