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The new Polestar 1 – you may want it, you can’t own it

The new Polestar 1 – you may want it, you can’t own it
Polestar 1 white exterior, front

Polestar is undergoing a transformation. From being Volvo Car’s performance brand, it has now set its eyes on becoming the groups electric performance brand. And to this end it has unveiled the first halo car – the Polestar 1.

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The Polestar 1 represents a new way of thinking at Volvo Cars – while it is developed on the group’s Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) that underlies the 90 and new 60 series of Volvo vehicles, the car is built to a different aim. It has a 2+2 seat layout with traditional GT profile and is made with a carbon fibre body that improves stiffness by 45%. In addition the car is being presented as an electric performance hybrid, with the electric portion allowing the car to drive for 150 kilometres in electric-only mode.

The car is rated at 600hp of output and 1,000Nm of torque, with the electric portion of the drive consisting of two electric motors on the rear axle.

The Polestar 1 is the first of a line-up of vehicles that will cement the position of Polestar as an electric performance brand. The second car in the line-up is to be a smaller all-electric car that is targeted at the Tesla 3, while a battery electric vehicle SUV variant will join the lineup as the Polestar 3. The Polestar 1 is set for production by 2019 end from a purpose-built factory in Chengdu, China.

The other important difference in the car is that the company is extending the subscription-based model it debuted in the Italy for the forthcoming XC40. The Polestar 1 will only be ordered online and is to be offered on a subscription only model, with no deposit and a two or three year period, during which payments are limited to a monthly fixed payment. This also gives users door pick-up and delivery and maintenance. Of course, while the ordering will be online, Polestar will open separate showrooms to display their products – not connected to existing Volvo showrooms.



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