Groupe Renault has announced that its move to become a leader in electric powered vehicles will be matched by its move into the supply side of the equation with Renault Energy Services. The new subsidiary is tasked to gain a presence in the energy and smart grid sectors – essential components for the success of electric cars.


Says Gilles Normand (SVP, Electric Vehicles, Renault): “The creation of Renault Energy Services marks an important step forward. Investing in smart grids is key to both reinforcing the lead we enjoy in the European electric vehicle market and accelerating the EV industry’s scale-up.”

Towards this objective Renault Energy Services is to act like a start-up and make investments in smart charging stations, vehicle to grid charging and second-life batteries. This should be interesting, as these are essential parts of the user experience with electric cars. The last bit will go a long way towards addressing end-of-life issues of costly battery packs, as well as provide a cheaper and usable solution for stationary power needs.

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