Apart from Nismo which represents the performance arm of Nissan, the Japanese brand also has a bespoke luxury and speciality build division called Autech. Autech was established in 1986 as a Nissan subsidiary entrusted with the job of creating low volume specialty cars based on production models.

In its career, Autech has also worked with Italian design house Zagato and jointly redesigned some its cars. Until now, Autech-built cars were sold under numerous other grade names, like Axis, Rider, Bolero and Mode Premier.

Nissan thinks it is now the right time to give the sub brands definitive roles and job descriptions as business grows. As a result, the expansion of the NISMO brand to fill the performance niche, while Autech will focus on a more luxurious customer experience as a full-fledged sub brand.

According to Nissan, the business objective of Autech will emphasize on offering premium craftsmanship, top-quality materials and immaculate attention to detail. The first vehicle to undergo the Autech transformation is the JDM Serena MPV. As of now, Autech services will be available for the domestic market only.

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