Bentley Bentayga and Porsche Mission E

Porsche’s first all-electric car, the Mission E was revealed originally back in 2015 and the production version is being readied to hit the markets at the end of 2019. The interesting fact is that the car’s platform – codenamed J1 – comes from Volkswagen Group and is reportedly designed and engineered to be scaleable.

In theory, this aspect means, there’s a possibility of this technology being used across brands and latest reports from UK suggest that such an opportunity is being seriously explored by Bentley. Bentley places itself in the top end luxury four-door sedan segment and is keen to develop its own electric version based on the Porsche Mission E four-door sedan.

That’s not all. Audi is also planning to join the fray with its own take on the concept with a car that could be badged “e-tron GT”.

The key to success of the tech application lies with the engineering team responsible for ensuring that the scaleable J1 platform is able to host a number of different power outputs for different applications. The Mission E will be powered by 600hp electric motors and reports suggest that a hyper version is on the cards with two 370hp motors mounted in the back and a 183hp motor up front.

Bentley’s future line-up will benefit from these developments and among the first electrified or hybrid models to hit the markets will the Bentayga plug-in hybrid SUV – the company has also been working on using the J1 platform for an electric coupe based on its EXP 12 concept car.

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