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Muted response to new F1 logo after Abu Dhabi reveal

Muted response to new F1 logo after Abu Dhabi reveal

Prior to the season’s last Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi, it was indicated that the new promoter-owners and custodian of the brand were quite eager to stamp their own identity on grand prix racing and were waiting for the appropriate moment for the reveal of a new brand logo.

As expected, the new logo was revealed on the podium shortly after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix celebrations. F1’s current logo is one of the most famous in the world, with its clever red and black lettering and spacing revealing a white ‘1’ in between the two components. The new logo replaces the iconic ‘flying one’ design which was first adopted in 1987.

It’s no secret that F1’s new owners have registered a host of new logos at the European Union Intellectual Property, one of which is set to be used properly from the start of 2018.

F1 chairman Chase Carey said that he hoped the change of logo would help show the new ‘energy’ that owners Liberty Media are bringing to the sport.

However, he was well aware of the furious fan backlash there had been on social media recently when it emerged that the old F1 logo was to be phased out.

“For sure, any time you change you are always going to get a mixed set of views,” he said. “What we wanted to do was provide a fresh energy to the sport, and I think have a lot of plans for the future and a lot of things we want to do.

“We thought the logo was a good way to emphasise the excitement and a fresh energy to take the sport to a new place. That’s respecting where the sport has been, we are not looking to change the sport, we are looking to provide a fresh innovation and energy to a sport that is a great sport.

“We think we can enhance it and better it, to allow fans to engage in ways they maybe haven’t had the opportunity to in the past around events that truly are the spectacle they should be.”

However, the initial reaction to the new logo design has been mixed even amongst the F1 fraternity. Mercedes F1driver Lewis Hamilton responded by saying: “The one we had was an iconic logo. Just imagine if Mercedes or Ferrari changed their logo. I don’t think the new one is as iconic, but maybe it will grow on us.” Sebastian Vettel admitted: “I liked the old one better.”  “What was wrong with the old one?” asked Valtteri Bottas, the winner of the season’s last race in Abu Dhabi.

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