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McLaren Senna – undiluted performance

McLaren Senna – undiluted performance

McLaren have announced their new 1,200 kgs limited run car – the McLaren Senna. Powered by a 4-litre turbocharged V8 with 800PS of power and 800Nm of torque, mated to a performance seven-speed gearbox, the aptly named Senna is both a dedication to the legendary racer as well as the lightest McLaren since the F1. The car is priced at £750,000 and is limited to a run of 500 units, all of which have been allocated.

The car follows a classic supercar formula – carbon-fibre construction and chassis, a mid-mounted boosted V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. We’ve seen it before in the 720S, but this time the Monocage III carbon-fibre chassis is taken well ahead. All body panels are also made from the same material.

Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Automotive says, “The McLaren Senna is a car like no other: the personification of McLaren’s motorsport DNA, legalised for road use but designed and developed from the outset to excel on a circuit. Every element of this new Ultimate Series McLaren has an uncompromised performance focus, honed to ensure the purest possible connection between driver and machine and deliver the ultimate track driving experience in the way that only a McLaren can.”

On the Senna family’s behalf, Bruno Senna, racing driver and McLaren Ambassador says, “Our family is extremely proud of the naming of the new Ultimate Series McLaren Senna. This is the first project that really connects with Ayrton’s racing spirit and performance. The McLaren Senna honours my uncle because it is so utterly dedicated to delivering a circuit experience that allows a driver to be the best they can possibly be.”

The McLaren Senna also features unique aerodynamics, including a huge hydraulically-operated rear wing that provides downforce as well as acting as an airbrake when needed. The doors are also uniquely scissor like in their opening, taking part of the roof along, thereby giving better access to the cabin. The cabin also benefits from the glazing of the lower parts of the doors. The interiors also have masses of carbon-fibre, alcantara and leather.

The M840TR engine offers a flat-plane crankshaft, dry sump lubrication and ultra-low inertia, twin-scroll turbochargers. The gearbox is a dual-clutch seven-speed with large paddles behind the wheel. The driver gets an active dynamics panel with choices of Comfort, Sport or Track modes that work with the RaceActive Chassis Control II (RCC II) hydraulic suspension and the aerodynamics.

The car will go public at the Geneva motorshow in 2018.




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