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Porsche has a bigger agenda with Mission E

Porsche has a bigger agenda with Mission E

As the dust settles between Audi and Porsche over the leadership of Volkswagen Group’s electric and hybrid vehicle portfolios, the latter seems to have made up its mind on how to proceed in this direction.

Both brands are now collaborating on shared flexible electric vehicle architecture and this aspect opens up further product possibilities for Porsche. Porsche‚Äôs commitment to pure electric vehicles will now see several battery-powered models beyond the soon-to-arrive Mission E.

“We are already thinking about derivatives of the Mission E,” says Porsche’s logistics and production head, Albrecht Reimold. “We are also planning additional purely electric vehicles and investigating relevant segments.”

The German performance brand will spend around US$1.2 billion on the Mission E project alone. This investment also factors in over US$800 million to create a production line at Zuffenhausen and rejig the existing engine plant to build electric drive systems.

With the availability of a dedicated group platform Porsche has indicated that the company has no plans to build standalone hybrid or pure battery-powered EV models.

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