Omani GT3 driver Al Faisal Al Zubair is all set to challenge series leader Tom Oliphant when the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East series roars back to life at the Dubai Autodrome on the weekend of January 26-27.

Al Faisal Al Zubair said: “I feel ready and prepared for the next round. I’ve worked hard in the first four races of the season to get to this position and I am one step closer to my overall goal.

“Sometimes having a break in the middle of the season can unsettle drivers and interrupt their form. However, I feel relaxed and refreshed and cannot wait to get back on track and go again. With the level of competition so high, there is no room for complacency. Every race counts now until the end of the season, and I won’t be the only driver giving it everything when we re-start our engines this weekend”

Four races of the season have already been run in 2017, with Britain’s Tom Oliphant (96 pts) currently holds a slender six-point lead over emerging Omani star Al Faisal Al Zubair (90 pts), with Charlie Frijns lying in third (72pts).

Speaking ahead of the return to Dubai, championship leader Tom Oliphant said: “The Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East has made a name for itself as a breeding ground for talented drivers, and that’s not just drivers from the Middle East. With the perfect off-season weather, world class racing circuits and top level of professionalism on and off track, drivers from around the world are being drawn to the championship each year.

“I’m delighted to be sitting at the top of the championship at this stage, and I will be working hard over the next four rounds to make sure it stays that way!”

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