Home Info Bentley launches exclusive networking app in Oman

Bentley launches exclusive networking app in Oman

Bentley launches exclusive networking app in Oman

There’s social media and then there is social media with a difference. Bentley has announced the launch of its Bentley network app in Oman. The app, available on iOS, is designed to connect Bentley owners to each other while providing a platform for Bentley to connect to them socially.

While the company says it is meant to connect like-minded people, here the very fact that you need to own a Bentley makes the list of people very exclusive and very moneyed.

To join the global Bentley community, owners can download and register to use the app using their vehicle’s identification number. Once online, members can communicate through a highly secure private messaging system.

A spokesperson for Bentley Oman said, “We are pleased to launch an exclusive digital network for our valuable owners. The Bentley Network app connects owners across the globe to an exclusive online community. As a dedicated digital hub, Bentley owners can enjoy special content.”

The app launched globally in 2016, so expect to meet a few well-heeled friends when you sign up. In addition, prospective owners can sign up for a sneak peak with limited features on offer.

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