Home Info Killer price on Mitsubishi Lancer EX in Oman

Killer price on Mitsubishi Lancer EX in Oman

Killer price on Mitsubishi Lancer EX in Oman

We are used to an age of cashback and attractive offers. But now Mitsubishi Motor’s Oman distributor has announced something one better. The staple family car, the Mitsubishi Lancer EX is now available from RO 4,495 (net of the cashback offer). The car is available in both the 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre engine variants and the offer includes one year free insurance on some models along with a 2-year, 30,000km free service package.

This offer is part of the current ‘The best time to buy a Mitsubishi is now’ campaign that also offers cashback on models from RO 1,000 to 3,795.

Commenting on Lancer-EX offer, Manoj Ranade, the GM of General Automotive Company said, “The EX is one of the most evocative models in the Mitsubishi range that combines elegant designs and high performance. In addition, it offers high-levels of driving safety at surprisingly affordable prices. The Lancer line-up includes a range of different models, offering customers an opportunity to purchase a vehicle that is sure to meet their every expectation. As with any other Mitsubishi vehicle, the Lancer EX is also characterized by its quality, comfort, and unique ownership experience. As such, customers looking to purchase an EX shouldn’t miss this unique opportunity, which lasts only until February 9.”

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