Mercedes-Benz S65

A new naming scheme is in the works at Mercedes if one follows the recent trademark filings. Information from the filing suggests that the German brand is laying the ground for a new and distinctive two-digit naming system for non-AMG models.

The new trademark filings suggest that # ’73’ is being reserved for AMG G and S models. Speculation is that the ’73’ earmarked models are models that will benefit from AMG’s 805hp hybrid system.

AMG trademarks filed include the # 53, which suggests it will be applied to front wheel drive models with hybrid applications. These 48-volt mild hybrid models will use electric motors to provide boost at low rpm until the exhaust begins to spin the mechanical turbocharger of the 3.0-litre transverse six-cylinder engine.

Other trademark applications submitted in Canada and with the World Intellectual Property Organization include numbers for non-AMG models like A 40, CLA 40, SLC 40, SLC 50, GLE 50 and CLA 50.

What is not clear as of now which model series will benefit from the 40 and 50 numbers. The recently unveiled all-new A-Class is being offered as the A 200, A 250, and A 180d, which in way suggests that Mercedes doesn’t plan to use these two-digit badges on the hatchback series.

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