Resla Roadster in Space

The Space-X Falcon Heavy launched a day ago and made history by becoming the largest existing rocket. In fact the only rocket to offer more thrust is the retired Saturn-V that took USA to the moon among other achievements.

In the process, Elon Musk’s privately funded space company also managed a couple of other records. The one that concerns us here is that the serial technology entrepreneur used the available payload to send a dummy into space. This ‘Dummy’ payload is suited in a space suit and is strapped to the seat of a Tesla Roadster from Elon Musk’s private collection.

Expressing a huge degree of surprise and delight at the successful launch, Musk is using the visual of his dummy spaceman in the roadster to deflect investors worry about the huge loss of US$ 675.4 million for the quarter ending December 31. The rising losses are on the back of production issues surrounding the Tesla 3 sedan as well as increased investment in new products like the Tesla Semi.

However, Tesla has announced that they should be back on production targets by the end of the second quarter this year and their deliveries of the Tesla X SUV and Model S was above expectations.

In the meantime, Musk’s spaceman will cover a record distance in his Tesla Roadster as the projected path will take it past the Sun and onwards to beyond Mars and into the asteroid belt, before it begins the swing back towards Earth. The car is also carrying a Hot Wheels model of the car with its own dummy driver stashed away on board.

Space-X also used the opportunity to attempt to recover multiple booster rockets, with the first two making text book landings near each other at the Kennedy Space Centre while the third failed its sea landing on an automated barge.

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