UK-based McLaren Automotive which creates high performance sports and super cars has been practising alphanumeric naming for its cars, a system which started with the MP4-12C in 2011 and subsequently carried on to all models. This heralded the arrival of models like the 650S, 720S, 540C, P1 among others.

It seems that the after launching the new Senna model a few weeks ago, the car maker is in a rethink mode as to how to name its future cars. It may be recalled that the Senna model was aptly named after famed McLaren F1 driver Ayrton Senna. 

In a way, the Senna could be considered as the first in what could be a line of newly named McLaren supercars. CEO Mike Flewitt has also stated that the Ultimate Series will be the first to adopt traditional names over alphanumerics. This means that the new naming application would also include the P1 replacement, which is internally dubbed the BP23.

While, the new naming formula progresses, the Sports and Super Series models will likely retain their current letter and number identifiers. That means models like the 570S, the 570GT, and the 720S will use continue to use alphanumeric nameplates in the future. 

Meanwhile, McLaren has no plans to abandon its MSO acronym which it uses to identify high-performance models.

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