Home Brandwatch Volvo parts bin to support SUV aspirations of Lotus

Volvo parts bin to support SUV aspirations of Lotus

Volvo parts bin to support SUV aspirations of Lotus
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China-based Geely, which now owns several automotive brands including Volvo and recently acquired British sports car brand Lotus has plans for a sporty SUV in the line-up.

Obviously, SUVs make good money for automakers and for a start-up project it means big investments. And this is where Geely is making a smart move by fast tracking the project by using proven technology from Volvo.

Drawings filed for patent suggest the yet-unnamed Lotus SUV will likely ride on an evolution of the modular SPA platform found under the XC90 and the XC60, among other models.

However, analysts feel that using the SPA platform is Lotus’ SUV means that engine choice will be limited to four cylinders with or without hybridisation. Whatever hardware combination is selected, Lotus engineering priority will be to ensure that it upholds the brand’s handling promise.

“It will go around bends like nothing else in the segment. If we fail on that, we fail on the project,” said Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales. The Lotus SUV has the Maserati Levante and Porsche Macan definitely in its sights.

If all goes well as planned, it is still at least two years away from production. Production is planned in China, although Lotus may consider building the model in the United Kingdom later.

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