Automakers in the US who have been lobbying the administration to review future Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations since shortly after President Trump took office last year may get some relief soon as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has formally sent a notice to the Federal Registry mentioning the administration’s justifications for rolling back Obama-era greenhouse gas emissions standards. The note cited the agreement reached with automakers should be revised in view of the several issues faced by the automotive industry.

The notice is seen as being significant development as it specifically refers to the standards established and availability of technology, feasibility of implementation, and diminishing returns of carmakers. It strongly feels that the previous recommendations for vehicles model year 2022-2025 were based on what it describes as “outdated information.”

As the cost of developing fuel-saving technology continues to increase, and some influencers have argued that it is outpacing the demand for those same technologies.

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