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Genesis priority is to evolve design for now

Genesis priority is to evolve design for now

Most of the well-established luxury brands in the market have a performance sub brand in their portfolio. Audi has Audi Sport, BMW has ‘M’, Mercedes-Benz has AMG, Infiniti has Red Sport, Lexus has LF and so on.

Genesis, which is Hyundai’s luxury arm has once again hinted that despite having a successful ‘N’ performance brand in the parent group, it will not foray into BMW’s M or Mercedes-Benz’s AMG territory for now as the priority of the Korean luxury brand, which was launched just two and a half years ago is to firmly establish its footprint in segments where it represents itself.

“We have enough on our hands right now establishing ourselves as a brand, let alone trying to introduce another sub-brand,” Genesis boss Manfred Fitzgerald told media recently.

Fitzgerald further says that Hyundai’s prestige brand is just a few short years from moving heavily into eco-friendly vehicles that seem likely to be the basis for high-performance EVs from the brand.

“What we said is that we will develop – around 2021, 22 – two dedicated platforms. And on those two dedicated platforms we will develop dedicated models.”

It was a natural observation that with Hyundai N sub-brand, which is headed by ex-BMW M boss Albert Biermann, it would be involved in the premium car-maker’s business, but Fitzgerald confirmed that’s not going to happen.

Instead, the focus will be to incorporate lessons and inputs received from the Essentia concept into future Genesis models. At the same time continue with the brand’s pursuit of offering the highest performing engines in the Hyundai Group.

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