It’s no secret that despite best intentions diesel has somehow fallen out of favour as preferred fuel to power cars in Great Britain as the country prepares itself for its separation from European Union – Brexit – as we know. In the good old days, the tax system favoured diesels in terms of CO2 emissions and the government encouraged consumers to buy it for years.

But that scenario is fast changing. Diesel dependent automakers like Jaguar Land Rover have registered declining diesel sales in its domestic markets, one of its biggest so much so that it recently announced major job cuts.

As the industry shifts to hybrids and electric vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover have been late to invest in hybrid and electric powertains. In fact, most of the powetrain investments went into the I54 engine plant near Wolverhampton.

And lastly, there are aging models to take care of. Core models in the UK line-up like the Evoque have aged considerably and are due for replacement.

Difficult times indeed but Jaguar Land Rover’s battle plan is equally impressive. Land Rover is planning an SUV onslaught which follows the debut of the limited-edition SV Coupe shown earlier in the year and Defender single-cab pickup. According to UK media reports Jaguar Land Rover will build at least three more new SUVs.

In less than three years the new models are expected to hit the markets. There’s a strong rumour that the discontinued Freelander badge could be brought back in the form of a compact 4,200mm SUV. The next new model to join the Range Rover line-up will be smaller than the current Evoque and will be an EV. The third offering that the company may announce is about the ubiquitous Defender. While a Defender pick-up has been confirmed, the Defender name may be used to build and an entire family of models.  The new models after getting the greenlight will be built in several locations besides UK. Jaguar Land Rover’s Slovakia facility will also chip in.

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