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100th Chiron rolls out and headed for Middle East

Bugatti Chiron 100

Middle East-based car spotters may soon see a matte finished dark blue carbon fibre-bodied Bugatti contrasted by red side lines. Well, it’s the 100th production vehicle to roll out from its headquarters in Molsheim, France.

The milestone production figure was achieved in a little over two years since the 1,480-hp hypercar’s debut at the 2016 Geneva auto show. The price paid for this particular beauty was $3.33 million.

Bugatti builds 70 Chirons annually. With roughly 400 more to build out of the total 500-car production run, it means there will be Chirons rolling off the line for at least another six years.

Before the Chiron ends production, similar to the Veyron, we are sure there will be more special editons and bespoke one-offs. We’ve already been treated with the sharper-focused Chiron Sport and no doubt there will be a more potent Chiron Super Sport at some point. There are also rumours of a “controversial” design being unveiled.

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