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BMW to resurrect CSL badge

BMW to resurrect CSL badge

BMW’s performance sub brand M is going through an evolutionary process and it’s that time when it thinks nomenclatures need to be sorted as they move on.

Nomenclatures in the automotive industry are subjective and can be quite simple or overtly confusing.  

In BMW’s case the reworked nomenclature is actually good news this time. We are aware that the M line-up has a few nomenclature related gremlins – the logic of the 40i designated models having a 3.0-litre engine and the 30i models with 2.0-litre packs is still not clear to us.

Never mind, things are beginning to get clear. As part of the reshuffle exercise, BMW is dropping the generic GTS from the M portfolio and re-introducing CSL.

CSL is short for Coupe, Sport, Lightweight  is the umbrella which will replace GTS on future models which are appropriate to get a CSL version, says a BMW official.

For markets, it also means there will be no CSL versions of BMW’s M-badged crossovers and SUVs anymore.

Instead, a range of even hotter M coupés should be off the ramps soon beginning with an M4 CSL which replaces the current M4 GTS. As for other high-performance coupes, we can’t say much for now.

Meanwhile, BMW has promoted the M2 to the M2 Competition and not hard to imagine an M2 CSL arriving as a swan song for the model. It will be interesting to see what M plans with the forthcoming 8-Series luxo barge as we are aware that BMW did trademark “M8 CSL” in 2017, along with M2 and M4 variants

From the engineering DNA perspective, BMW’s CSL models promising less mass in a sharper package. BMW last used the CSL badge on the M3 CSL in 2003.

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