We are aware that some concepts make it to production and some don’t. The idea of a concept these days is to test waters – be it design, engineering or tech applications for now or in future.  Especially, when it’s a ground up project, there’s a good amount of curiosity and suspense. The interesting aspect is no matter how hard carmakers try to hide things, there are areas which they have no control and that’s where information starts trickling in.

The patent office where names, designs et al are registered is a good starting point and it seems that Lexus has trademarked a new designation – LQ.

If you are familiar with how Lexus names its models then it is easy to make a logical conclusion this new badge is for a new product line. As of now you have nameplates for LX/IS/NX for SUV/CUVs, LS/ES/GS for sedans and SC for coupes. The Q is being speculated to represent future electric or fuel cell models.

The LF-1 Limitless concept has been designed in collaboration with CALTY Design Research in California. It is longer than the current LX but with a significantly lower profile.Lexus presented the concept by saying not only it represents the latest evolution of brand’s design language but also combines high performance with unrestrained luxury.

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