India’s nodal electrification body, EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Ltd), is blaming lack of interest and poor infrastructure development on a delayed roll-out of its much vaunted first order for 10,000 electric cars that was to be completed by June of 2018.

Tardy infrastructure development and lack of interest from various state government’s is being cited as the reason that the new target date is being quoted as March 2019.

A report in Bloomberg suggests that more charging points need to be set up nation-wide, with half of the 200 points already operational being in Delhi.

They have quoted the company’s managing director, Saurabh Kumar as saying, “The need for building more charging points for 10,000 electric cars and states being slow in taking deliveries are the reasons for the delay.”

India’s two local auto majors – Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra have between them been awarded the order for the first 10,000 cars, with a second tender for the same quantity having been issued this year. However, further expansion may be hit since Kumar admits that he has a confirmed demand for 19,000 cars only.

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