Porsche has been ordered to recall 19,000 of its diesel SUVs after German vehicle licensing authorities found illegal ‘defeat devices’. Reports from German weekly Der Spiegel say that the total number could climb to 60,000 units sold worldwide with the bulk of them being Macans.

It must be noted that Porsche had informed German authorities in February regarding ‘irregularities’ it found in emission tests.

The troubles surrounding the Volkswagen group in connection with Dieselgate don’t seem to go away, with Porsche’s latest issues just adding to the load.

The current case is connected to 3.0-litre units on the Macan and the 4.2-litre unit on the Cayenne, both of which were certified Euro 6. Porsche has confirmed that it will provide an appropriate fix to customers once the method was approved by regulators.

Meanwhile back in the United States, FCA have been hit with a class action suit regarding knowingly using cheat devices on its Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500 pickups.

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